Thursday, July 2, 2009

June Recap

The month could be summed up in just a few words - cold, cloudy, wet, warm... then cold again. It started out with temperatures colder than average, then flooded us in the middle (19th) which was then followed by warmer than average temperatures. The entire month was cloudier than average (cloudiest June in 4 decades), and then back to colder than average at the end. And, so far in July the cool spell continues with nearly a record low temperature on July 1. We can at least say that the weather surely makes things interesting!

Clouds, water, sun... all we're missing here is a 'feel' for the temperature and humidity (which was on a roller coaster ride on this day - Friday of Kiltie Days).

June snow??? Yet almost believable this year, this is actually cottonwood seeds littered across the 4th fairway. They were nearly 3 weeks later than usual this year!

I know it’s been a while since we added new posts and hopefully you’ve been out on a good day or two to see what’s happening on the course but here is a quick glimpse in case you haven’t

The picture at the top shows the early morning passing of storm #1 out of 3 on that dreadful Friday. The day's total topped 3 inches, caused significant flooding, and as you know, put a real damper on Kiltie Days.

The newly sodded repair area at #17 drainage path was quickly rearranged!

Head Explosion on No. 17 Tee – A sprinkler head defect erupted causing soil and sod to be redistributed on back portion of west side tee. With over 1800 heads, I suppose a defect or two is not out of the question. Hopefully any future ones are not this extreme.

We realize everyone is anxious to see the yardages on the sprinkler heads, and we anticipate the new caps arriving early next week. We are also close to finishing the removal of old irrigation equipment including heads, valves, valve boxes, and satellite controllers.

Although we haven’t had to actually use the New Irrigation System very much, is has been very helpful and effective at times for watering-in nutrients, wetting agents, certain disease and insect control materials, and other plant protectants. The selectivity options of where we want to irrigate, (fairways only, rough only, banks only, greens only & more) the precise timing, the radio control and so many more features is truly outstanding. One of these days we just might have to actually irrigate to alleviate dry soils!

Watering plant protectants using many heads on multiple programs simultaneously.

Mosquitoes, Mosquitoes... and yeah, more Mosquitoes.
To no surprise, these lovely friends of ours are enjoying their smorgasbord of golfers and employees at the club this year. The high mosture levels and regional flooding has created the ideal breeding ground and we are all feeling the effects.

This might be a nice addition to the 1st tee this year!

As we all do our best to battle the mosquitoes, we do want to give everyone an important reminder. Deep Woods Off, Cutter, and other bug repellents will kill grass, flowers, and other plants. Please apply your repellent of choice away from grassed areas, particularly greens, tees, and fairways. We recommend applying your spray/lotion at the clubhouse or proshop, and when on the golf course, please spray while on the cart paths.

The green footprints are a "dead" give away to insect repellent sprayed while standing on this particular tee.
AKA: "Size 8 Periphery Blight"

Many more posts to come as time and course work allows. We’ll let you know when new postsare added (so you don’t have to keep checking) if you use the Sign Up feature to the right.

Happy Summer!

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