Thursday, August 27, 2009

Making Up For Lost Time

When it comes to weather conditions, Mother Nature always seems to balance herself out over time; this week is no exception. We have made up our entire July precipitation deficit in the past 36 hours with a total of 2.50" of rain. Fortunately, we are getting the steady "soaker" rainfall variety which is much better than the flooding monsoon type, but either way the golf course is completely saturated.

#2 green saturated to the point that water has replaced all the available pore space in the soil - causing air and gases to surface. Poking holes in these "bubbles" releases the air and returns the turf to normal.

We are closely monitoring conditions, but at this point (9:30 am) the golf course is not playable. As soon as the rain subsides, we must let the water drain to a point where traffic (whether foot or mechanical) poses no harm to the turf. Then we can continue with our course preparations and play can resume.

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