Monday, January 25, 2010

Ice Melt Accomplished!

With the snow removed from the greens late last week, and Mother Nature coming through with warmer temperatures and a little rain this weekend, all except two greens were completely free of ice this morning. The two that still had ice remaining were greens no. 3 and no. 11, but with a little ice breaking and shoveling work, these too are now ice free.
Cracking the remaining ice on No. 11 Green

Shoveling and loading cracked ice 

Ice free surface of No. 11 Green
 Time will tell whether our snow and ice removal work these last few days will reduce or eliminate turf damage. We still have more winter to come (in fact it's back already!) and there are other types of Winter Injury that are, unfortunately, still possible.  In theory though, we've broken a long period of continuous ice encasement and removing this layer, one that restricts oxygen and causes carbon dioxide to accumulate, can only be beneficial. Looking forward to the warmer days of spring!    

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