Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Course Update

It's quite unusual for April but it's actually been a nice, relatively dry, month and with this we've made very good progress on a variety of routine tasks, special maintenance tasks, and improvement projects. With all that is happening right now, it feels more like June than April!  A list of our activities includes:
  • Completion of deep tine fairway aeration.
  • Completion of overseeding of winter injured fairways.
  • Topdressing of greens (2x) and approaches.
  • Topdressing and solid tine aeration of fairways No.s 3, 11, 13, (No. 4 to be completed tomorrow)
  • Aeration and overseeding of thin (shaded or high traffic) areas in rough.
  • Establishing shorter cut walk paths, or "dew paths", in the tee descents leading from tee to fairway.
  • Interceptor drainage channels installed at cart path adjacent to No. 18 green.
  • Continued installation of brick edging and crushed brick at No. 12 green / No. 13 tee.
  • In process of constructing extensions of tees No. 10 and No. 17.
  • & Routine mowing, trimming, bunker raking, debris removal, plant protectant applications (seedhead suppression, nutrient, weed control, disease prevention) , drain and sprinkler head edging, and much more!
A glimpse of our current activities is shown in the following photos:
Javier spreading mixture of sand, peat and bentgrass seed...

into prepared (shallow, solid tine aerated ) winter damaged areas

Miguel spreading crushed brick over fabric covered, brick edged, gravel underlayment

Shaping of subgrade and layout of Championship tee #10

Topdressing approach at #13

Rafa aerating topdressed fairway #3 - process aids incorporation of sand and provides usual benefits of aeration

Jacob putting final touches of incorporation process with drag broom

Approx. 3/8 - 1/2" layer of sand from triple fall and first spring application - a good start!

Topdressing and manually brooming fairway expansion on #8 Approach

Willow at far end of range - victim of high wind last Saturday eve.

Blue Jay enjoying new temporary perch!

More details on our winter injury recovery efforts, tee construction, fairway topdressing, additional course etiquette posts, and much more will be forthcoming.

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