Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skaters Enjoy Rink!

First of all, Happy New Year to All! 
Yes, this is my first post of 2012 but prior to this point, since the turn of the year, there hasn't been anything really exciting to blog about. Equipment maintenance; mower sharpening; sanding and painting of ball washers; planning and ordering spring / summer flowers; sanding and refinishing rakes, benches, and trash receptacles; and other such activities; is exciting stuff to me and my staff, but not something terribly interesting to you. Today, however, with Mother Nature finally cooperating over the past several days, there now is something of interest... The new SCC Ice Rink, adjacent to the new Paddle Facility, is getting a nice amount of use!

 First real test of new rink (and some new hockey equipment) by my son, Joe. 
Report was...Rink solid, ready to be enjoyed!

Heather Blackwell & guest skate during "Sno-maggedon" last week. 
Snow was falling so fast that as soon as I cleaned off surface, I had to start again!

Since we don't have a Zamboni, Steve and I settle for the hand operated, "Rink Re-surfacer." It really works quite well and the process takes only about ten minutes. We'll continue to keep this up as often as needed.

 Post re-surfacing... Now there is some quality, frozen H2O!

Today at the rink several youngsters and one larger youngster, (the Steele family and others) enjoyed passing around a puck. I think they had a great time skating and enjoyed the after skate hot cocoa too!
It was really great to see all of the above, and many others over the past week or so, having fun on the ice, and hopefully we'll continue to have cold conditions for a few more weeks. You can call the main office and/or the paddle house (evenings) to check on rink availability but if it's freezing outside there is a pretty good chance it is open. If the temperatures warm up for a few days it's best that you give us a call. 

Just a few things to remember please:
  •  The rink is not supervised and is "skate at your own risk".
  •  Helmets are highly recommended. Especially for younger children.
  •  A bench is provided next to the rink for you to put on/ take off skates. Skates not allowed in Paddle House.
  • Rink is not intended for hockey but if everyone on the ice approves it is ok to "pass around a puck" Use discretion and courtesy please!
  • Be Safe, Have Fun, Come Soon & Come Back Often! It will be spring before long!


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