Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

Our new weather station came in quite handy this weekend with all the beautiful, sunny, warm weather... or not so much. This new station, that is located left of the 3rd tee and lower practice green, is able to monitor, record, and graph various weather information. On a daily basis we can see real-time statistics such as temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, degree day data, and much more.

We wanted to show an example of the information that is at our fingertips in the pictures below. The top picture shows the temperature fluctuations over the past several days, which was very useful for determining when to remove and replace our green covers. The next picture is a graph that illustrates rainfall data from this past weekend.

The 2.47" of rain that the graph indicates, has resulted in some minor flooding on the course - as you can see below. However, this should not have a negative impact on the turf, as the plants are still their winter dormancy.

#13 Fairway - Nothing We Haven't Seen Before

Today we are recovering the greens, as this week's forecast is calling for below freezing temperatures (as noted on temperature graph above).

#10 Green

The weather station will undoubtedly be a great asset for years to come. It will provide site-specific information that will allow us to more accurately monitor and record conditions. The blog will also help us relay important weather-related data to you as soon as it happens.

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