Thursday, March 5, 2009

Welcome to the new Skokie Grounds & Greens Blog!

Hello everyone!

The Grounds and Greens Department would like to welcome you to the inaugural posting on our new blog - "Skokie Country Club Golf Course Management".

As you all know, today's technology is progressing at a neck-breaking speed in the area of communication services and tools. Because of this and the large amount of work we do on the golf course from year-to-year, we feel it is time to progress our own level of communication to you. Our intention with this new website/blog is to provide the who, what, where, how, and when of our operations on the golf course.

This golf course management 'information hub' idea has been evolving for a while now. However, it is just recently that we've turned thoughts to action due to the recent challenges we have experienced with posting the 2008 Year in Review presentation. Unfortunately, the Skokie CC website is unable to accommodate this presentation, and we experienced additional complications with 3rd party websites as well. (The presentation is shown at the bottom of this post.)

We anticipate this new blog site will be a spring board for future slideshows, photos, videos, articles, and updates regarding the golf course activities we do on a regular basis. It is a very flexible and diverse service, so we are optimistic that it will function as our information platform for years to come.

For us, and perhaps for you as well, there will be a learning curve involved, so we encourage comments and questions using the 'comments' link below each post. If you wish to contact us privately, simply use conventional phone #'s and email addresses you may already have. We also encourage you to forward posts of interest to others using the email envelope icon below the post.

We look forward to this new adventure.


Don, Scott, and the entire Grounds and Greens department

*Press play below to view the presentation. To view the full screen, high resolution version, click this link:
High Quality / Enlarged Version

**NOTE** To navitgate manually through the slideshow, click the pause button on the lower left as soon as the 'High Quality' page loads. Then use the forward and reverse arrow buttons at the top center area. To play automatically, simply click the play (pause) button in the lower left again. You can also click help in the upper right for more info.

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