Thursday, May 13, 2010

When it Rains, It Pour's

Although this is the slogan for the popular salt brand, Morton Salt, relates to their salts' properties (doesn't stick together in high humidity conditions) and literally does not always take place, it sure is a fitting title for today.  It rained, it poured, and left much of the course underwater!  The amount of rain that fell last night and into this morning was 2.5 inches. A 1 inch rain on Tuesday morning had already brought our soil conditions to near saturation and this 3.5 inches accumulated total, in only a few days, is just much more than our course, the East Diversion Ditch, and the North Branch of the Chicago River (which the Ditch and our course ultimately drains to) can handle. The following photos show the aftermath.

From foreground to background...Fwys No. 1, 10, and 8

No. 2 Approach and Green side Bunker

Bridge at No. 3 Tee - Water 3' higher than normal!

No. 13 Fairway

 No. 14 Approach / Fairway

Above video showing whitewater flow over cart path / drainage swale at No. 17 Tee

No. 18 Fairway

 These photos were all shot earlier today and since then many areas no longer have standing water.  Many other areas however, will need more time and may not fully drain until late tomorrow.  Thereafter soil conditions in fairways and roughs will still be saturated and/or soft for several days. Dry, warm, windy conditions would surely help matters. We seem to have at least one of these flooding events every year and I sure am hoping that this year we only have one! Looking forward to dry, firm, and fast conditions very soon!

If you are planning to come out tomorrow please call the Pro Shop in advance. I'll evaluate course conditions early in the morning and notify the Pro Shop regarding course playability.

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