Thursday, April 23, 2009

Course Update

Despite the rainy pattern we've had over the past several weeks, the course is shaping up quite well. The usual areas are still fairly wet from Monday and Tuesday's rain, but we have been able to mow greens, tees, approaches, and fairways. We are also continuing with clean up in the rough areas, keeping bunkers in playable shape, installing irrigation, and sprucing up the range area.

Irrigation System Update: At the end of today the remaining holes will be: #4, 25% of #11, and #12. With just these 2 and ¼ holes to go, and if the weather is reasonably cooperative, pipe pulling and sprinkler head installation should be completed by May 4-5. Thereafter, there will still be work involved with filling & flushing the lines, repairing settled and worn areas, adjusting sprinklers, wiring controllers, programming the computer, and testing.

One of the hundreds of new sprinklers shown here in #3 fairway.

Winter Injury Update: The seed that we planted on #3 & #11 greens and #4 tee has germinated nicely and is growing as we speak. Under optimal conditions, bentgrass seed will germinate within 7-10 days, but the cooler temperatures lately have delayed this process. Today we topdressed the seed areas which will provide a growth medium for the new and existing plants. We will continue to baby these areas for as long as needed to ensure the turf matures appropriately.

New seedling germination on #11 green.

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