Friday, April 24, 2009

The Whisker’s Are Back

You probably recall all the whiskers in the fairways that were used to mark sprinkler locations during the irrigation installation process last season. They are small, wispy, colored markers.

Until the remaining few holes of the irrigation project are completed and all heads are in place (at which time we can accurately measure yardages from the heads to the green centers), we will be using the whiskers for measuring purposes.

The whiskers will be placed on the approximate center line of the fairway and color coded as follows:

RED - 100 Yards
WHITE - 150 Yards
BLUE - 200 Yards

One of the temporary 200 yard wiskers.

These markers should last for several weeks or until we can measure, order, and receive the new engraved sprinkler caps.

One thing that will help you now and into the future is this fact:

The sprinklers that run down the center line of the fairways are all very close to 20 yards apart.
The only locations where this is skewed a little is just before the last dogleg on holes #3 and #11, because these areas are wider than typical fairway widths and additional heads were needed to provide proper coverage. Due to this, there is not a center line row in these locations.

FYI – The heads in these wider areas are triangularly spaced at 60’ (20 yards). So if you can remember your Pythagorean Theorem, you can get your exact yardage!

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