Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fence Line Remodeling

In our ongoing effort to improve the aesthetic presentation of the golf course, we have removed 4 severely decaying and disfigured spruce trees along the fence by #12 alternate tee. They have been on a steady decline for several years and needed to be taken out.

Deterioration of canopies shown below; note the old, rusted chain link fence.

Besides their unsightly appearance, these trees were encroaching on the cart path and making it increasingly difficult to maintain quality turf in the area. We have also removed a section of the old chain link fence which stood behind them, and replaced it with more split rail fencing. We simply extended the existing split rail fence that originates at the bridge.

Installation of the new fencing.

We also plan to grow fescue and other tall grasses in the area where the trees were. This will help blend the area into the existing adjacent landscape of native plants and grasses.

The pictures below show the area before (top) and after (bottom) the work was completed.

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