Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Greens are Open!

The weather has cooperated this week allowing us to uncover and open the greens. The decision to re-cover the greens at the end of last week has proved beneficial, as they have bounced back nicely from their slight set back.

Open and ready for play - the covers have enhanced green up and helped reduce the contrastive, mottled turf appearance.

We opened the front 9 greens today with a fresh mowing and relocation of the pins. Tomorrow looks to be another nice day, and the back 9 greens should be ready to play by early afternoon. As mentioned in our post last week about #3 and #11 winter injury (see below post) we are in a critical stage in the recovery process. We ask that you PLEASE do your best to avoid walking on these damaged areas.

Our plan for the remainder of the week is to plug away at many other course-opening tasks such as fairway, approach, and tee mowing, course accessories placement, bunker raking, and general clean up. The spring start-up list is always jam packed with numerous jobs, but we are making steady progress so far.

Be on the lookout for upcoming posts on topics such as Tree Removals, Irrigation Update, Fairway Rolling, and others.

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